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Norwegian music - MIDI files

Note! Some of you came here from Geocites. All links on this page go to my new website at The content is the same.

On this page I present some of the old traditional Norwegian music that was used in Norway. Some of the music is still alive and is used on different occasions.I also present some newer work kept in a traditional form

The music is presented as MIDI files. If you run Windows, and have a soundcard in your computer you should be able to hear the recordings.  The output will depend on the setup of your device.

When making MIDI files I try to make it a little inaccurate to make it sound like it is a human being playing. Hopefully you will find these recordings interesting. I will try to make this list  grow as fast as possible.

I frequently get questions about the sheetmusic for these songs. I can provide the sheetmusic for most of the music. I have to aks you for
a monetary contibution to cover materials and postage. Go to contact information to send your request.

The arrangements on this site is copyrighted by Martin Eidhammer and may not be used without his permission. 

Norwegian music - MIDI files

Hymns: Dances: Misc:

I denne søte Juletid

I himmelen - "In heaven"

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

The Norwegian National Anthem - Ja, vi elsker

The Norwegian National Hymn - Gud signe vårt dyre fedreland

Med Jesus vil eg fara

Ljoset over landet dagna

Et lidet barn så lystelig 
Christmas hymn from Nordmøre

Galopp frå Tresfjord

Tresfjordingen waltz

Old waltz from Romsdal

Reinlender fra Østerdalen

Politi Pers Polkett

Kvennhusvalsen - "the Mill waltz"

Bridalmarch from Østerdalen

Per Spellmann Norwegian folk song

Brudemarsj fra Skjevik - Bridal march from Skjevik

Hjelset Skolekorps Marsj

Bridal march from Øre