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Tomas Jonsen Spjelkavik. He was born Noble, but died as a criminal

From Norway to New Zealand Emil Johansen by Lois Potaka

Renewing 50-year-old ties by Joyce Arline Wans

Landskyld Old land rent written by Jan Edvardsen

Connie Ahlgren's pictures  Help her identify the pictures

Norwegian National Costumes

The story about Kristian Amundsen Overlie by Karen Cucinello

Read about the "Stabbur"

Martin Calderwood - the Master Trollogist of Utah 

Deseret bound - an immigrant story By Martin Calderwood

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Tricks of the trade

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An introduction to genealogy

The Norwegian "Kirkeboken"
Norwegian church records
The lost symbol(s) 
Beware of the strange Norwegian letters
Norwegian Person names
How to find fellow genealogists
Online forums and mailing lists

Find Norwegian place names
Avoid The Frustration of Chasing The Wrong Family!
By: Paul Duxbury
Ancestry Records - How to Find Your Family Tree
By J Hosier
What is a "Bygdebok"?
Geneaology - What do you need?
By Krys Williams
Voice recorders – an alternative to taking notes?