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Old waltz from Romsdal

(Gammel vals fra Romsdal)

It gives me great pleasure to start this section on old Norwegian music with this particular waltz. It is very special to me as I learned it as a kid, listening to my grandfather playing his violin. My grandfather built his violin himself. I have the violin now. I don't play it, but my oldest son has just begun to learn to play. When he outgrows his tiny violin he will inherit my grandfather's.

Romsdal is in Møre and Romsdal county. This waltz has been played for a long time. My recording is supposed to sound like a larger ensemble playing. 10-12 violins playing two to three different parts. They are accompanied by a acoustic bass and a guitar. I have added two clarinets on parts of the waltz.

If you are interested in the sheetmusic for this waltz, I will need your postal address and have to ask for a small contribution to cover postage. Write to Martin Eidhammer, Råket 1, 6450 HJELSET, NORWAY.


Old waltz from Romsdal


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