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Can you help Connie Ahlgren identify the persons on these pictures. They are all taken in Norway. From the style it looks like they have been taken around the turn of the century. First Connie tell a little about her seach.

My grandparents left Norway in 1903 and1907. My grandfather, Peter Anton Iversen Grøtbo, came over to Montana first and earned passage money for my grandmother Hanna Margrethe Hansen, and the two children, Magnhild and Iver. It took him four years to do that. After they came to Montana they had five more children. My father was the fifth child of the seven children.

With the help of the Norway List, the Mormon church genealogy library, the digital archives, and family members, I have been able to trace my Norwegian family back to 1745. They mostly lived in Nord Trondelag near Namsos and Foldereid, and the families were mostly farmers. One of the volunteers that does Look-ups on the Norway List, Ann Hildrum, ended up being a distant relative, and she sent me her whole file on the oldest sister of my grandfather, Maren Johannee Iversdatter Grøtbo, starting in 1863 when she was born to the baby that was born last year. Ann was also able to send me addresses of the name Reitan that live in Bangsund, and I got a response from one of them via the internet. He turned out being the great-grandson of my grandfather' youngest sister, Jette

My grandmother, Hanna Margrethe Hansen (Hansdatter) brought these photos of her family with her when she emigrated to the US in 1907. I am pretty confident that they are photos of either her siblings or those of my grandfather, Peter Anton Iversen Grøtbo. Hanna Margrethe Hansen was born in 1874 in Vemundvik, near Namsos, Nord-Trondelag. Her siblings were:

Helene Julianne Hansdatter, born 1862

Julie Christine Hansdatter, born 1867, married a man with the surname of Skage.

John Albert Hansen, born 1869

Ditlef Bertinius Hansen, born 1871

Petra Olise Hansdatter, born 1877

Ivara Maria Hansdatter, born 1879

Anna Lovise Hansdatter, born 1882

Peter Anton Iversen Grøtbo was born 1872 in Foldereid in Nord-Trondelag His siblings:

Maren Johanne Iversdatter Grøtbo born 1863, married Peter Johansen

Renbjør Konstanse Katherine Iversdatter Grøtbo, born 1866, married Hans Sylten

Iver Andreas Iversen Grøtbo, born 1867, married Ellen

Anna Marie Iversdatter Grøtbo, born 1874

Jette Petrine Iversdatter Grøtbo, born 1876

Now to the pictures. If anyone reconizes any of the persons please contact Connie or Martin



Dear Martin,

A second cousin of mine that lives in Norwagy was browsing your web site and found the picture of her grandfather among the photos that you allowed me to post. Since then we have been in contact and have been able to trace our family back to the 1600s. Thank you very much for your help.

Connie Ahlgren
Billings, Montana


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