Video Wednesday: His Majesty The King of Norway’s Guard – Band and Drill Team

His Majesty the King’s Guard’s band and drill team performs at the 2017 tattoo in Basel, Switzerland 

Linked from YouTube channel 59jef

It is not without pride I say that the Norwegian King’s Guard’s band and drill team is among the best in the world. Having played in marching bands nearly all my life I have always enjoyed their performances. I didn’t even consider trying out for this elite group when I entered my military service. I knew my skills were not even close.

Here is the playlist:

  • March of The Guardsmen
  • Farewell to a Slavic Woman
  • Silent Drill
  • Gaelforce
  • Wedding March from Lødingen (Northern Norway)
  • Ode to Joy by L v Beethoven
  • Old Hunters March (Gammel Jegermarsj)

Please note the “Wedding March from Lødingen” It is sung by the musicians and is a truly beautiful piece. High goosebump factor!!


2 thoughts on “Video Wednesday: His Majesty The King of Norway’s Guard – Band and Drill Team

  • September 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Hey Martin! Thanks for sharing this!! I just love watching these guys march!! Awesome performance!
    Just for grins, here’s a link to a youTube Video of my son’s high school band his senior year.
    The college near our property is Texas A&M. Here’s a link to their marching band.
    It’s said that this band has never lost a half-time show!
    I’m always amazed when watching these young people march because I know how many hours of practice they put in memorizing the music and then march to it! In the summer our high schoolers start practice at 6am to beat the brutal TX heat. They go home at 10 am, then return to school to practice the music inside at 4pm, followed by more marching practice at 6pm. It was an honor to be in the band!

    • September 13, 2018 at 8:07 am

      Hello Chris

      Thanks for commenting and for the videos you shared. You can be proud of your son. I think they did an excellent performance. They both marched and played well. Some of those marches are challenging but sounded great.

      I got to play in marching band during my year as and an exchange student in Arkansas City, Kansas. That was really fun and a great experience. I had, of course, played in band for many years and marched for parades. I had no experience with formation drills, so that was something!


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