Video Wednesday: Travel photography

Many of you are planning a trip to Norway this summer and want to take home great photos

I am an avid photographer. While I am far from an expert, I am able to take home decent photos from our trips. That’s why it makes me sad when I see poor photos that so easily could have been improved.

If you have not got a camera, or want to upgrade from the one you got, here is a video from Tony & Chelsea Northrup that addresses the question. Note Tony’s comment about not having to watch the whole video. You can click on the YouTube logo down in the right corner, go to YouTube and, in the description,  choose the parts of the video that  interests you.

If you are buying a camera or upgrading, you need to do it today so that you have time to practice with your new gear before you leave on your trip. Your first task is to read the manual. Read it with your new gear in hand and test out the things you read about. After you have read the manual, you should have it easily accessible and go back to re-read it when needed. I have been photographing since I was a kid. I have had my latest DSLR for about 3 years. I still go back to the manual every once in a while to refresh my memory.

Her is a short video where Jasmine Star gives us some tips on How to take better vacation photos. I like her suggestion to think throught what photos you need to tell your story.

The PsychoTraveller (!) share some of her tips on travel photography

This is an interesting video that tells us the limitations of photographing in automatic mode. This might be the reason why some of your pictures don’t come out like you want them to. The video is by Bethany Kay

We now know te limitations of automode. If we really want to increase the quality of our photos, we have to leave automode. Here is a video from Mark Hemmings host of Photography Pro 

If you are going to start using new cameragear or new techniques, you need to start practicing today so that you are comfortable using this gear or technique before you go on your trip. The good thing is that we can see the picture on the camera right after we have taken it. If you for some reason have trouble getting your shot it is no shame to retreat to automode.




Have a great trip and take home some great memories, both in your heart and in your camera!







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