The Gothic syllabus

Here is a study on the Gothic handwriting found in older Norwegian Church records.

Reading old handwritten records can be hard. Some times ago I realised that I needed to get better at this. One of the big obstacles is the Gothic lettering that was used up until the late 1800’s.

I ventured into a little study of the Gothic writing and shared my experience in a number of articles here on the blog. While I am still far from an expert, I see that spending a little time with the Gothic letters and practice, I am little by little getting better at reading this handwriting.

As I am planning to share with you some sources that require reading the actual scanned records, I invite you to join me in the study of Gothic handwriting.

I followed up with two articles on specific letters

I hope this inspire you to take a look at the Gothic lettering. The only way to get better at reading these records is to practice. If you are part of genealogy discussion groups, it can be valuable to follow the postings that asks for help transcribing records. I learn a lot from reading these.

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