Video Wednesday: A different vantage point

Here are some videos from Norway with an unusual vantage point.

I am childishly fascinated by planes and aviation. I am enjoying the many cockpit videos shared on the internet. Every once in a while I fire up the Microsoft Flight simulator and play around.

Piloting big planes like the Boeing 747 pr Airbus 380 is an impressive task, but the real flying aces are the guys and gals who command the small airplanes flying in and out of the short airstrips in mountainous Norway. A lot of the time hand flying, i.e. the pilot fly with hands on yoke and throttle steering the plane by sight.

Wideroe Dash 8-100 – Sogndal to Sandane

Wideroe Dash 8-100 flight from Sogndal Haukåsen (ENSG) to Sandane Anda (ENSD). Takeoff from runway 06 at Sogndal and visual approach over Sandane with a landing at 09. Sandane airport is featured on a list of the worlds 10 most dangerous airports, particularly due to the difficult approach and short runway which drops into the sea at both ends.

Linked from YouTube channel ArcticPilot

ATC is not from this flight.

Music: Cut To Black (Instrumental) by Lemaitre
Camera: Canon EOS 7D with Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

Dash 8 -100 landing Røst (ENRS)

Cockpit scenes from the Dash 8 -100 landing in Røst, the outernmost island of the Lofoten archipelago. The approach and landing was hand flown by the captain himself, in beautiful weather!

Linked from YouTube channel ArcticPilot

Cockpit view of landing at Honningsvåg Airport, Valan, (ENHV)

One of the trickiest airports in Norway due to the proximity to steep mountains and wind conditions. Notice the dark blue areas on the sea near final on both runway ends due to downdraft from the mountains. Imagine flying the same route in a snow blizz in the dark and with a tail wind.

Linked from YouTube channel Kenneth Mokkelbost

In case someone are interested in the technicalities, here are some facts:




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