Updates in the Digital Archives 21.08.2017

Digitalarkivet announces some updates to day

The new layout that earlier this summer was implemented in the Digitalarkivet caused  a lot of complaints. Digitalarkivet has listened to these complaints and are little by little changing the layout in accordance with these.

The most important change at this time is the option to choose the “old” table view in personlists. We do this by clicking “Show table”


This will give us a table that looks like the one we had before the update. If we want to go back we can, of course, do so.

It seems like our web browser remembers our choice and show us the format we used the last time. This may depend of your “cookies” setting.

Other changes

According to the Digital Archives the links on the site have been standardized and made more visible. In addition, page width is changed to utilize full screen width up to a maximum of 1700px.

Note: Page size!
This gives me the opportunity to share a hint that I discovered some time ago. A friend told me that “the Digital Archives had changed the website again! The pages doesn’t look anything like they did before”. It turned out that my friend was not the only one to use the computer in this home. Someone else had changed the viewing size in the web browser and enlarged the picture so that only part of the page showed on-screen. In many web browsers you can change the size by clicking Ctrl/Cmd + or – In some web browsers you will have to go into the “settings” and look for “zoom in” or “zoom out”. Webpages usually have their optimal look and functionality at size 100%

The Digital archives continuously makes small changes and fix errors to enhance the functionality of the website.

You may want to bookmark the “News” page in the Digital Archives as this is the place to get news about updates.



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