Friday finds – Week 16 -2017

After taking a break during Easter week, I’m back with some websites I have visited this week.

In her blog Amy Johnson Crow presents the following scenario: “Let’s say that the site where you have your data has trouble with a server; the site is down while they fix it. Your data is inaccessible during that time. Same if you lose your Internet connection. If you can’t reach the web, you can’t reach your data”. Read her article Why You Should Download Your Files From Ancestry and Every Other Website and learn what to do about it.

“For many of us, the biggest threat to the safety of our family history information may be the possibility of our computer crashing or our phone dying a painful death in the washing machine. Two main tasks can save the day for your electronic files: organizing and backing up your information”. This is the main message in Leslie Albrecht Huber’s article Family History Preservation: Preserving Electronic Information found in the  FamilySearch Blog.

Some are disappointed and confused when they receive their DNA test results and discover that they are not Norwegian through and through like they believed.  Judy G. Russell’s article Still not soup in the Legal Genealogist blog helps you understand the limitations of those test results.

Author C. J. Adrien has an extensive blog where he presents his book series Kindred of the sea, a fictional Norse saga set in the ninth century. Adrien is a French-American author with a passion for Viking history. On his blog there are lot of interesting information about the Viking era. I was brought to the blog by the headline Leif Erikson Mud Wrestled With Sasquatch? I fully agree in Adrien’s view on TV’s different Sasquatch shows.



The Legacy family tree has published version 9.0 of their genealogy software. I have been using Legacy for some years now and I am satisfied with this program. Looking at “What’s new” in the new edition I am not certain that this is enough new bang for my upgrade buck, so I believe I will stick with version 8 for the time being. If you are looking for a genealogy software, I have no problems recommending Legacy.

As the Scandinavians stuck together, many with Norwegian ancestry also have Swedish ancestry. At the present time you have to pay a fairly large fee to get full access to the Swedish archives. The Swedish goverment are now looking into the possibillity to let us access the archives free of charge. Here is a website in Swedish. By using Google translate you get a fairly good understand of the content.

Are you interested in searching the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) to find a connection between an ancestor and a specific place? Read Nancy Loe’s article Searching the Historic American Buildings Survey found in the Sassy Jane Genealogy blog.


Here are some other blogs that presents links under the “finds” meme:

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Have a great weekend!

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