Friday finds: Week 13 – 2017

Here are some articles I have read this week

“Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad” (NABF), is the national council for the twenty-nine (currently active) affiliated Norwegian-American Bygdelag. This is an active organisation that works tirelessly to keep the ties to the “old country” alive. Their annual meeting is coming up and you can attend. Also a trip With the Norwegian Coastal cruiseship “Hurtigruten” is planned for this fall. Check out their interesting and informative website!

An Irish woman says her “head can’t stop spinning” after a chance DNA test led to her brother that she never knew existed getting in touch . She says the first time they talked earlier this month was extremely emotional and she expects meeting for the first time this weekend will be too. Read the full story here.

This week’s discussion  at The Legal Genealogist blog, of law books and legal dictionaries morphed into noting what’s written inside the covers of books. And, of course, what that writing tells us about our families. Read Judy G. Russell interesting blog post If you have old books handed down through the family, be sure to check the inside covers.


It is as if our ancestors left the fingerprints of their lives on the items that passed through their hands—and eventually to us. Learning to capture those otherwise invisible records—and learn how to properly interpret them—is an acquired skill that can augment our genealogical pursuits. This is Jacqi Stevens’ argument in an interesting article in her blog A Family tapestry.  Read her article Branching Out From History.

 We all hit them from time to time; Brickwalls. I have linked several articles before, but every new view on this problem is valuable. Amy Johnson Crow tells about How a Professional Genealogist Approaches Brick Wall Problems


Even though I am not planning to use DNA in my genealogy, it is interesting to learn about and try to understand the possibilities we have with this technique.  This is an Introduction to Genetic Genealogy from MyHeritage blog.


Prepare a Norwegian dish this weekend. Go to allrecipes and be inspired!



Here are some other blogs that presents links under the “finds” meme:

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