Friday finds: Week 11 – 2017

Here are some articles I have read this week

As this has been a busy week, I share only a few articles today


I find it interesting to try to see my ancestors in a historical context. To try to see beyond just the names and dates. It is not always easy, I admit. I could not agree more with Diane who, in her blog Fledgling Endeavours, writes about this in her article  Family History…So much more than Genealogy.

If you want to truly understand who your ancestors were as people, you have to become a historian of the times and places in which they lived. This is the message of the Ancestral findings article Reading History to Understand Your Ancestors

While trying to see our ancestors in a historical context, Laura Hedgecock in her blog Treasure chest of memories has a very interesting article on How to Avoid Misrepresenting the Past.


At Google books you can read online or download a large number of books. A search for “Norway” or “Norwegian history” will yield a large number of results. The books are old, and some of the information is inacurate or outdated. Keeping this in mind you can still pick up valuable knowledge about Norway’s people, culture and history.

Why not cook a Norwegian dish this weekend? At you find lots of Norwegian recipes in English.



Here are some other blogs that presents links under the “finds” meme:

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2 thoughts on “Friday finds: Week 11 – 2017

  • March 17, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    I love all of your articles and findings…and your sharing of the information. It is perfect help for me.
    A question came up that I wonder if others have asked the same question: Is there such a thing as a “Personal” family tree program to log your own information about their heritage and genealogy without having it shared online with places like,, etc.? These are great resources, but there is information that, for me, I would like to keep to myself and certain family members. It sounds selfish, but there are many weirdo’s out there that abuse the system. Going through professional genealogy people, books, records, etc., is great for information to utilize in my own search. I hope this does not sound confusing, just I don’t think some people wish to broadcast personal information.
    Your resources is what I LOVE, because it gets me to places without using some other family tree. Most of the time, I find theirs is incorrect. Just recently, my brother stated the age of our mother when she passed — he was year incorrect.
    Do we have to go through to acquire the same information? Where do they get their information? This is what you are helping to provide, along with valuable photos and stories. Okay, I am rambling.

  • March 18, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Hello Betty

    I couldn’t agree more on your view on online databases. I strongly support your wish to keep the information on your own computer. I do that myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t share information, but I get to communicate with the person who gets it and I can urge them to check the sources and see if they agree with my findings. I may very well have made mistakes.

    Choosing a genealogy software is something that should be thought through. I have written about it in my article at

    When it comes to finding genealogical information the mother load in Norway is found at Digitalarkivet (The Digital Archive) Digitalarkivet is totally free to use.

    For US Sources you find a lot at and FamilySearch. A lot of the information at are behind paywalls, while Family Search is free.

    I have written several articles on this blog about how to use Digitalarkivet. I am planning more articles on this topic, so you might want to have a look. If you type “Digitalarkivet” in the “Search this blog” on the homepage, these articles will show up.

    Hope this answer your questions Betty. Don’t hesitate to get back if you have other questions.


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