Alternative spellings of Norwegian names

Here is a list of different ways to spell person names

I have, over some time,  collected some alternative spellings of names.  The names comes from a large numbers of sources. Manily my own genealogy, but also from various “bygdebøker”.

In earlier times there were no set rules as to how to spell a name. We see this in both person names and names of locations. The spelling depended on how the recorder heard and understood the name. There was a time when most officials were foreign and they gave the names spelling based on how their native language was written. The variations in the first names also effected the patronyms See Norwegian naming.

There are strong opinions as to how names should be recorded. In my opinion, this is your decision only. You might want to have a look at my article “How I record person names” Also relevant for the spelling of names is my article “Gothic letters i and j.


  • Agnete, Agnet, Agneth, Agnetha, Agnethe, Agnette, Agnetta
  • Agota, Agotha, Agote, Agothe
  • Aleksander, Alexander
  • Aleksandra, Alexandra
  • Alf, Alv
  • Alette, Aleth, Alet, Aletta
  • Annbjørg, Anbiør, Annbjør, Andbior
  • Anne, Anna, Ane, An, Ann
  • Arnfinn, Anfind
  • Arnt, Arent
  • Asbjørg, Asbior, Asbiør, Asbjørg


  • Barbro, Barbroe, Barbra, Barbru
  • Beate, Beatha, Beatte
  • Bendik, Bendix
  • Beret, Beredt, Berith, Berit, Berette, Beritte (Sometimes used interchangably with Brit)
  • Bjarte, Bierte
  • Brit, Bridt, Brith, Brid, Britt (Sometimes used interchangably with Beret)


  • Dortea Dorte, Dorthea, Dorotea, Dorete
  • Dordi, Dordie, Daardi, Daardie, Daardei


  • Einer, Ener, Einar, Ejner
  • Eilert, Ellert
  • Elen, Ellen,
  • Eli, Elie, Elj, Ellie
  • Ellev, Elliv, Eiliv, Ellef
  • Elling, Elleng, Erling
  • Erik, Erich, Eirik, Erick, Eric
  • Esten, Ejsten, Eystein, Eistein, Øystein
  • Even, Effuen


  • Fredrik, Fredrich, Frederik, Fredrek, Friderich


  • Gjertrud, Gjertrude, Jertru, Gertrue, Giertru, Gjærtrud, Giertrue, Gertrud
  • Gjøa, Gjoa, Gjøa, Giøa, Jøa, Gjøda, Gjøde
  • Gjørren, Giøren, Gjøren, Giørron, Gjørond, Giørond, Jørren, Jøron, Jørønn
  • Gjørri Giøri, Jørrie, Giørrie, Gjøri, Jøri
  • Gullbjørg, Gulbiør, Guldbiør
  • Gullik, Gullich, Gullick
  • Gunder, Gunnar, Gunner, Gunne
  • Gunhild, Gudnil, Gudnild, Gundil, Gundill, Gundel
  • Guri, Gurrie, Gurie, Gurå, Guraa, Guroe, Guru, Guro, Gyri, Gyrie, Gyro, Gyry, Gyrid


  • Hallsten, Halstein, Halsteen
  • Halvor, Halfour, Halvard, Hallvard
  • Helene, Helena, Hellene, Heline
  • Helga, Helge, Helg, Hælg
  • Henrik, Hendric, Hendrich, Hendrick, Hendrik
  • Henrikka, Hendricka, Hendricha
  • Hågen, Haakon, Haagen


  • Ildri, Ildrid, Ildrie, Eldrie
  • Ingeborg, Ingeborg, Engebor, Ingebor, Ingbor
  • Ingebrigt, Ingebricht, Engebrigt
  • Inger, Ingier, Inga
  • Ingrid, Ingrie, Inger, Engri
  • Isak,  Isach
  • Ivar, Iver, Iffuer


  • Jakob, Jacob
  • Jakobine, Jacobine
  • Jeremias, Hjermes,  Jeronimus, Hieronimus
  • Johanna, Johanne
  • Johannes, Johanes
  • John, Joen, Jon, Jo
  • Josef, Joseph, Josep, Josop


  • Kaia, Kaja, Kaisa
  • Kari. Karie
  • Karl, Carl
  • Karoline, Caroline
  • Kirsten, Kiersten, Kersten, Chiersten, Chirsten, Kjersten
  • Kirsti, Kierstie, Kirstie, Kersti
  • Knut, Knud, Knudt
  • Kristen, Christen, Cristen, Xten
  • Kristi, Christie, Cristi, Xtie
  • Kristian, Christian, Xtian
  • Kristiana, Christiana, Christiane, Kristiane
  • Kristine, Christine, Kristina, Kierstina
  • Kristoffer, Xtopher, Christopher, Kristofer, Christofer


  • Lars, Laurs, Lasse, Laurits, Lauridz
  • Lisbet, Lisbeth, Lesbeth, Elisabeth, Elisabet, Lisabeth
  • Lorents, Lorentz
  • Lovise, Louise, Lovisa, Lovise
  • Lucie, Lucie, Lussi


  • Magnhild, Magnild, Magnil
  • Mali, Malie, Malli
  • Margrete, Margret, Margreth, Margrethe, Magrethe
  • Marie, Marje, Marja, Maria
  • Marit, Marith, Maret, Marithe, Mareth
  • Markus, Marchus, Marcus
  • Marta, Mart, Marte, Martha, Marthe
  • Martin, Martein (sometimes used interchangeably with Morten)
  • Martinus, Marthinus, Martinius
  • Matea, Mathea
  • Matias, Mathias
  • Mikal, Michael, Mikael, Mikkel, Mekel, Michel
  • Mildri, Mildrid, Mildrie
  • Morten, Morthen  (sometimes used interchangeably with Martin)


  • Nils, Niels


  • Olaf, Olav, Olluf, Olaus
  • Ole, Olle, Ola
  • Oline, Olina


  • Paul, Povel, Poul, Paul, Paal
  • Peder, Petter, Peter


  • Ragnhild, Ragnild
  • Rakel, Rachel
  • Randi, Ranni
  • Rannei, Randey, Ranneij, Ranney
  • Ranveig, Ranvig
  • Rikard, Richard, Rikard


  • Sakarias, Sacharias, Zacharias
  • Salomon, Salamon
  • Semund, Sæmund
  • Sigri, Sigrid, Sigrie
  • Sigvart, Sigvard
  • Sivert, Siffuer, Syver
  • Sjur, Siur, Sieur
  • Stener, Steinar, Steiner
  • Svend, Svein, Sven
  • Synnev, Synev, Synøv, Sønnøv, Sønnøve, Synnøve, Synøve, Sognøf, Sognøff, Sognof, Søgnøf, Søgnøff, Synneva, Synneve
  • Søgni, Søgnie


  • Tollov, Tølløv
  • Torgeir, Torger, Thorgier
  • Torsten, Thorsten, Thorstein, Torstein, Tosten
  • Tron, Thron, Trond


  • Vilhjelm, Vilhelm, Wilhelm, Villum


This is by no means a complete list. If you come across name variations that you think should be on the list, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will add them.

2 thoughts on “Alternative spellings of Norwegian names

  • February 21, 2017 at 8:47 pm


    I have a Jeronimus in my family tree that I have also seen spelled Jeronymus and Hieronimus and possibly others.

    Robert Olson


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