Friday finds week 36

There is always a lot of interesting things to find on the internet. I only wish I had more time to read. Here are a few websites I have read this week

Some of you might not only have Norwegian ancestry, but also German. In the article 10 GERMAN WORDS YOU WON’T FIND IN A DICTIONARY you find help to those German words that might be a struggle. This is pretty much the same as I try to do in my Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary

Markus Olsen Moldenæs2I love photos and have a lot of them to wade through. I always come back to “The photo detective” Maureen A. Taylor in Family tree magazine to pick up tips and tricks. Another interesting article from her at 3 Next Steps in Photo Identification

I sometimes hear the phrase “I am 100% Norwegian” Most of us are not. I have both Swedish and German ancestry. Many get a surprise when they take a DNA test. In her article  “Don’t “Pigeon Hole” Yourself” Valerie Hughes addresses this issue as she has made some experiences on this matter. Valerie hosts the blog “Genealogy With Valerie”

Staying on the “old photos theme”; In the blog FAMILY TREE TIPS I found an intersting article about  STORING AND PRESERVING OLD PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS

canada-159585_640As I know that many Norwegian emigrants ended up in Canada, I spend some time at the Can Genealogy  website. Here are many interesting links to resources in Canada.

Do you have favourite websites or articles you would like to share?

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