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Welcome to Oslo, the capital city of Norway.


Centuries ago, Viking longships prowled the waters around Norway. Some of those longships survived the ensuing years and found their way to the Viking Ship Museum, which is a must-see on any Oslo tour. The three longships on display here have been recovered from various parts of the country, and the museum also contains a number of artifacts from the Viking Age. Norway’s rich connection to the sea did not stop with the Vikings, though; just over a mile away from the Viking Ship Museum are several other educational complexes dedicated to the salt water that flows through Oslo’s veins. Visit the Norwegian Maritime Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, and the Fram Museum to get a fuller idea of Oslo’s seaborne heritage.

While in town, stop by the Nobel Peace Center—yes, this is the very location where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The center itself showcases winners of the award, and highlights their impact on the world at large. After spending an afternoon wandering the center, prepare yourself for an evening of extraordinary live performances, as the Oslo Opera House is just a short walk away. This majestic building, with its sloping roofs and massive wall of windows, has been compared to an iceberg in appearance. Besides being a popular performing arts venue, it’s also a popular place for locals to meet before heading out into town.

If you plan your Oslo sightseeing during the summer, prepare yourself for long days of endless sunshine. Oslo’s position in the northern hemisphere ensures that the sun does not set until after 11 o’clock at night during the warm season. Who said you couldn’t get more hours in the day?

What was your favorite part of Oslo?

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One thought on “Video Wednesday: Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  • August 24, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    We were in awe of the long boats and the displays in the museum. We truly enjoyed every part of Oslo but walking up to Akerhus Fortress with the stunning views and the Norwegian Resistance Museum was one of our favorites.


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