Friday finds week 19

This week our entire family has had the flu so I  haven’t had the drive to neither read nor write much. I have had a look at a few blogs though

Family Historian Daily share an article about How To Quickly Find Free Genealogy Records from Hundreds of US Repositories

map-1019874_640 (1)Ancestry blog tells about how Maps Can Reveal More Than Meets the Eye Maps can be an invaluble resource to understand your ancestors life. You might want to have a look at my article about Finding Norwegian Place names

wall-1013682_640Legacy News writes about how to Break down those brickwalls


Diane MacLean Boumenot at One Rhode Island Family has an interesting article about  her  Top ten genea-mysteries

One thought on “Friday finds week 19

  • May 14, 2016 at 2:16 am

    The One Rhode Island Family blog was interesting to read. Especially how she listed “next steps.” Newport, Rhode Island is where my Swedish morfar’s far immigrated to. He worked for 37 years as the watchman for The Breakers, the lavish Vanderbilt estate. That was such a fun fact to uncover. One of my current goals is to figure out how to create a map of Norway that will show where my mormor’s Norwegian mor grew up – and where her sibling’s descendants now live. I know it is possible, and that others have done it, I just need to figure out how I can do it for myself.


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