Want to learn Norwegian?

I have many friends and relatives who would like to learn Norwegian. 

Knowing different languages is fun and in many situations usefull. While not neccessary,  knowing a little Norwegian will give you an advantage when you delve into the Norwegian history, culture and sources.

I came across this website by coLanguage. This is how they present themselves:

“coLanguage offers a new way of learning foreign languages. We provide courses of a great number of languages, you just need to register in our platform and book a trial lesson for free. One of our professional native teachers will introduce him/herself and present the course to you. If you wish to take it, you will enjoy a great variety of online materials and you will be able to choose between individual or group lessons, if you need a more personalized attention”

It looks like their teaching is based on a personal learning plan with a combination of video chats with teachers and interactive exercises.









I have no experience with this service so I can not vouch for the quality. If some of you tries it, I sure would appreciate if you send me a word and I can update this article to reflect your view.

The CoLanguage Norwegian class is accessed here 


One thought on “Want to learn Norwegian?

  • March 20, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I am always looking for something to help me. This is one more option to look into. Takk!


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