The Norwegian “hyttepåske”

Norwegians have always liked to spend time out in the nature. In earlier days this was a necessity as many loggers spend months in simple dwellings in the deep forests. Dairymaids spend the summer in small dairy farms up in the mountains and fishermen spend the fishing season in seaside cabins on small islands out on the coast. Today these small dwellings have been made into leisure homes were we like to spend weekends, holidays and vacations.

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An early case of crossdressing?

Petrine og Einar LøvollI was pondering over this picture, trying to figure out who these persons were. I had been exchanging emails with two of my late father’s cousins. It was the general agreement in the family that the man was my G-G-Grandfather Einar Nilsen Løvoll (1846-1939). His first wife Petrine Lassesdatter Vik (b.1856) died in 1894. Einar married Ane Eline Martinusdatter Lande (1857 – 1935) a few years later and together they had two sons. Based on the “fact” that the woman had a little girl on her lap I figured that this had to be Petrine and that the picture was taken about 1891.
So far, so good. But, if this was Einar and Petrine; why was only four of their six children in the picture? I was thinking that their oldest sons Nils Matias (b. 1874) had already moved out.  This still didn’t add up. If the two children in the back were Ludvik (b.1876) and Mathea (my Great grandmother b. 1880), the boy on Einar’s lap was Mikal Edvard (b. 1884) and the girl on Petrine’s lap was Olianna (b. 1890): Where was Petra Einara (b. 1887)?? read more

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Blogs I read

I truly enjoy, and are deeply humbled by, the many visitors who stops by my blog and read my writing.  Books on blogging and website editing says “Keep the visitor at your site, avoid exit-links if you can”. If you are selling a product, this might be true, but my motivation for blogging is to share the fun of genealogy, so I am happy to point you to other blogs that I find interesting and enjoyable.

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Norwegian-American genealogy & family stories

Nearby Norwegians
A group of Seattle area women sharing a passion for research, writing, and all things Norwegian read more

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