Norwegian concepts

In this section I want to discuss Norwegian concepts and words that not easily are translated or explained in a few short sentences. I was pondering on what to call this section and, as I often do, I started to search for definitions.  I went to the Free Dictionary and found this explanation of the word concept:

“A general idea or understanding of something” 

I think this covers what I want to express.

As you probably have noticed, English is not my native language, so I spend a considerable amount of time checking definitions and phrasings.

I take part in various genealogy groups on the internet. Often there are questions about Norwegian words and concepts.  Sometimes it is difficult to give a comprehensive explanation within the discussion group. Sometimes there are disagreements as different people have experienced the same concept differently. Sometimes they both are right.

To give you an example of what I would like to discuss, I can mention the Norwegian word “Husmann (plural: Husmenn)”. This is normally translated as “cotter” i.e. a peasant farmer who rents a small plot of land. This is, to a certain degree, correct, but it does not tell what it meant to be a “Husmann” in Norway A husmann experienced very different living conditions depending of where in Norway he was situated. Also within the same area different Husmenn might live under very different conditions. So, stay tuned!

If you have a word or concept you don’t find explained, I am very happy to try to give an explanation. Just go to Contact and send me a word.

I want to draw your attention to my Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary where I list words that are easily translated or explained with a few words. This dictionary is, for now, found at my “old” website. I will be moving it into this blog. I have a very clever guy working on coding that hopefully will  give a convenient responsive interface that works well, both on desktops and cellphones.

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