The Norwegian National archives

There are a number of sources available for you to search for ancestors in Norway.

 Above all, the source you need to know is Digitalarkivet. This is the Norwegian National archives’ website where a large number of sources are available either transcribed and indexed or as scanned images.

Opening screen at the Norwegian Digital Archives

The sources you can find here are:

Censuses (male register – “manntal”)

Church books

Dissenter community

Emigration records

Probate records

Seamen rolls and military rolls

School records

Health care records

Poverty matters

Accounts and tax lists

Deed registration records

Landed property tax records

Insurance records

Legal proceedings and sanctions

Clerical archives

Transport records

The website has an extensive help-section in English. I highly recommend that you read this to learn the best way to search to get the best possible results. The opening page has a section called “Useful” in the top right column. Most of the sources has an English version. If you land on a page in Norwegian check out the navigation bar at the top of the page.  If this particular source has an English version you find either an English flag or the word “English” written. Click on these.

You can access the Digitalarkivet – The digital archives here.

I will make a more detailed discussion of the various sources you find in Digitalarkivet in posts to come.

Click on this link to find other sources I have written about!

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