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About me

My name is Martin Roe Eidhammer. I am a Norwegian living in Norway. I am married to Inger Lise and we have three kids aged 16 to 24.
By profession I am a psychiatric nurse. I have studied college level history, local history and
genealogy. That makes me in no way a scholar or expert, but I did learn a thing or two that has helped me while doing genealogy.
I got into genealogy more than twenty years ago when both my parents passed away much to early. Still at a fairly young age I found myself being the oldest living member of our closest family. One night my brothers and I sat and talked about our ancestry and I realized how little I knew. That was the spark that ignited my interest for genealogy. Since then I have been working on my own genealogy.
I feel very fortunate that my wife shares this interest and that
we can help each other.
Inger Lise reads my articles and while she states that she is a science teacher, not a language teacher, I truly appreciate her feedback.
I have also had the pleasure of helping other people with their family search. Many of them
foreigners looking for ancestors in Norway.

Earlier I  presented content catering not only to genealogists, but to everyone with an interest for Norway. In the future I plan to focus on genealogy. I find this very interesting and by writing these articles I learn a lot myself.

As you probably can tell, English is not my native language. Sometimes I have American friends proofread my writings, other times not. I do constantly work to improve my English.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have comments or questions. From time to time I take on genealogical work for people I meet online. Feel free to ask me for help. I do this for fun and as a labour of love.