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One day, back in July of 2005, I was playing on Google and typed in my name ‘Martin Calderwood’ and the word ‘genealogy’. A few minutes later, I saw this site named "Martin’s Magazine" and I had to look at it. After browsing around on the page, I decided I just had to write this man who shared my first name. Over the next few days we exchanged several emails and I learned we both play the clarinet, collect stamps, read a lot and work in the Psychological Industry. It has gotten weirder since then and though we are about 10 years apart in age, (me being the older one) we have a lot in common, like, we both have three children at home with his oldest being the same age as my youngest.
My interest in genealogy started years ago but has taken on a deeper purpose these last few years. Initially, I started my genealogy search because my maternal grandfather, Carl Berntsen (changed in America to Bernson), emigrated with his family from Norway in 1907. His father was Julius Berntsen of Roken (Royken) and his mother was Trine Kristiansen Berntsen. They had 7 children, of which my Grandpa Carl was #6. I am always looking for family contacts hence my first contact with Martin.
Of those 7 children, my grandfather was the only one to marry another Norwegian. My grandmother's name was Eva Natalie Stromness and she and her family came to the U.S.A. about the same time. Her father was Paul Oluf Evensen Stromness (I think they took the ‘Stromness’ name from the name of their farm in Norway). Her mother was Antonette Thorstensen.
On the other side of the family, the Calderwood line, I already had a lot of information done by my Grandpa John Wells Calderwood’s sister, Grace Calderwood Brimhall. His family came from Scotland and surrounding areas and since so much was done already, working on the Bernsten line was more interesting.
Over the past few years we have talked over the internet and developed a friendship though we have never met face to face. It is amazing to me just what technology can do. Someday I hope to shake his hand in person but for now I am content to share our friendship as is.
As for a little about me, I am 55 years old, married 33 years and have five children ranging from 18 (almost 19) to 31. I live in Utah and manage an community based enclave with 19 disabled adults enrolled as workers at a large industrial laundry. I am principle clarinet in my community orchestra and am really an active Latter-day Saint (Mormon) serving as a youth teacher with my wife. I am a writer and have published several short stories about Trolls on an internet site There are also several articles I have written and pictures by me and “Grandpa Carl” (also written by me) on an attached page 'Troll Collector's Corner'. I am also an avid science fiction and sword sorcery type fantasy fan as well. So like most everyone, I am a mixed bag of interests and ideas.
When Martin first floated the idea of me writing a story about people coming to Utah from Norway I found the idea intriguing. When over the next few months I found the story/travelog growing to over 60 pages I got a bit concerned because it is a lot to put on a website. I suggested a 'serial' format and Martin was good with that so I am very proud to present this work. I really hope you enjoy each installment and come back every couple weeks until the conclusion. The incidents in the story are fictional and based on many accounts and records of the time. There was actually a party of Mormons who left Wyoming, Nebraska on July 31, 1865 and their experience was different and that information can be found elsewhere on the internet.

I hope you enjoy “Deseret Bound”. Martin Calderwood

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