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We are moving........

This website is i transforming into a blog. I intent to move all the material into the blog. It wil take some time, but all links on this site should work. Check out my new blog Genealogy and then some

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The Norwegian Kirkebok is the most important source we have.

You find an intoduction in the articles section

Find Norwegian place names

I have added an article on how to find Norwegian place names. Go to Articles section and check it out.

Begin your Norwegian genealogy search here

Go to the articles section and find a growing number of articles that will help you get your search for ancestors going.

Norwegian genealogy dictionary

In the dictionary you find some of those strange words you come across when searching Norwegian genealogy sources

Avoid chasing the wrong family
Read Paul Duxbury's interesting article about some of the pitfalls of geneaology.
You find it in the Articles section.

The lost symbols What has Dan Brown's book to do with Norwegian genealogy

How to hook up with other genealogists
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What is a «bygdebok»?
When you get into Norwegian genealogy, it does not take long before you come across the word “Bygdebok” Learn about it here!

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Old Norwegian storage house
The "Stabbur" is an old Norwegian farm house.  Go to Articles to read more
about it.